Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be able to rent a slingshot?

You must be 21+ with a driver’s license.

Can my child ride as a passenger?

Children are most definitely allowed on the slingshots! They just have to be big enough or capable to ride in a regular seat because booster seats are not allowed.

What is the $20 Polaris Ride Fee?

The $20 Polaris Ride Fee gets submitted to Polaris Adventures. The only way for us to offer this activity in Door County was for us to become a Polaris Adventure Outfitter and this was a required fee on their end.

Is fuel included?

No, fuel is not included, but our rental hub is located right next to a gas station. If slingshot is returned less than full, you will be charged a surcharged price-per-gallon.

Are they easy to drive?

Surprisingly yes, these are no different than ordinary cars! We will give you a brief driving orientation before you leave, just in case you have any questions beforehand!

What if it starts raining when we’re out riding?

Unfortunately, we have no control with the weather. The machines will not be wrecked though. We recommend pulling over and taking a break until it’s done raining though! We will also send you with a towel to dry off the machine if this does happen.

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, they are not. Although we are very much dog lovers here, our insurance does not allow us to let your furry friends ride along.

Do we need to wear helmets?

Yes. Helmets will be provided at check-in for no cost.

Is the price per person or per machine?

The price is per machine! There is no extra cost for an additional rider.

Can I add another driver to my reservation?

Yes! You can add an additional driver at no charge.

Can I buy insurance through our company?

Yes! We will have a few different options for you.

Can you suggest things for me to do?

Absolutely! Our crew is very knowledgeable with the area and can point you in the right direction for an amazing day!

Can I drive anywhere?

When you rent from us, we include UNLIMITED MILAGE! Although, we do have a boundary of Sturgeon Bay (South) and Washington Island (North). You will have to purchase a ferry ticket at their office to get on though! We have a custom map that our attendant will go over with you before you leave. The machines will have a GPS system on it as well!

Can we drive them in State Parks?

Yes! All our machines are equipped with complimentary State Park passes!

Do the slingshots have speakers?

Yes! They have an awesome Rockford Fosgate audio system with Bluetooth!